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Contact / induction process



You can contact us either by phone, text, email or via our Facebook group, please don't try and visit without arranging a time with one of the committee members first.

You will initially invited to meet one of the committee members at the club for a walk round and in introduction to what we do, if you are still interested we will then start your induction process. 

We have a standard checklist we work through with you typically over about four weeks which takes you through:

  1. Safety and club rules

  2. Scope set up

  3. Rifle set up

  4. Zeroing

  5. Pellet trajectory

  6. Judging ranges

  7. Introduction to HFT

  8. Target setting and UKAHFT course setting rules

  9. Shooting a HFT competition

  10. Final sign off

 - you are then able to join as a full member!


Have a go as soon as the chance arises!

You don't realise how much you learn from taking part in competitions until you have a go, we are lucky to have a very active competition scene in the south east and there are opportunities to take part in competitions  almost every weekend if you wish. New or inexperienced shooters are always put with an experienced competitor to show them the ropes and give them help and suggestions.

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